Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costumes

Do you like Cocker Spaniel Halloween costumes? Looking for dog Halloween costume ideas? Check out these ideas, crafted and modeled by the members of our I Love Cocker Spaniels Facebook Page. Then check out some more ideas on our blog or check out some fun dog costumes like this silly “Werewolf in Training” dog jacket. Hopefully you’ll find a costume idea you like.

Dog Riders Jockey Dog Harness

Dog Riders Jockey Dog HarnessDog Riders Jockey Dog HarnessDog costume dog harness This hysterical costume will have the neighbors roaring. Turn your pooch into a Thoroughbred racehorse as he speeds across the yard. Get multiple dog riders jockey dog harnesses and race your friends…

Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Ideas

Chef Maya

Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Idea Cowgirl

Cowgirl Angel


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Ideas Horse

Maya, as a Horse


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Ideas Devil Horns

Now that’s the sweetest Devil you’ll ever meet!


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Ideas

Cocoa Chanel Bela as the “Good Witch”


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costumes Artist Hat Angel

Angel as an Artist

Cocker Spaniel Rock Star Halloween Costume

Angel as a Rock Star


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costumes

Angel Looking Pretty in an American Girl Doll Hat


Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Doll Hat

Angel Lookin’ Pretty!

Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Photos Sheriff

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Cocker Spaniel Halloween Costume Ideas Sheriff and Witch

Looks like the Sheriff caught himself a witch!


Dog Halloween Costume

Looking for a costume for your dog this year? Check out these fun costumes:

Sailorman Dog CostumeSailorman Dog CostumeThis cute sailorman dog costume is great for the highseas! Cruise around the bay or head to the ocean with your pup in this great naval costume…

Pet Costume: Dog BridePet Costume: Dog Bride

Animal Planet Elephant Dog CostumeAnimal Planet Elephant Dog Costume

Sweetheart Sailor Dog CostumeSweetheart Sailor Dog CostumeImagine how sweet your little pup will look in the Sweetheart Sailor Dog Costume! This amazing sailor costume will transform man’s best friend into a cute queen of the high seas!

Buccaneer Pirate Dog CostumeBuccaneer Pirate Dog CostumeHeading off shore? Bring your best friend with you in the Buccaneer Pirate Dog Costume to make him blend in with the ocean theme! Great for pillaging and plundering, this pirate dog costume is amazing for any…

Animal Planet Butterfly Dog CostumeAnimal Planet Butterfly Dog CostumeThe Animal Planet Monarch Butterfly costume will make your dog look like it can take off and fly. The lightweight costume features a headpiece with antennae and foam wings that secure under the arms. It comes in small which fits a dog up to 12 inches long which will fit a dog such as a Pomeranian and medium which fits a dog up to 16 inches long such as a pug…

*hot Dog Pet Costume*hot Dog Pet CostumeFeatures a branded Hot Dog buns and a hat with mustard on the back.


You can also follow this link to a hilarious video of a sweet Cocker Spaniel in a Bumble Bee costume.

Thanks for the pictures, everybody! Keep ’em coming!