Do You Find The Dog Whisperer’s Advice to Be Helpful?

We get a lot of questions on our Facebook page about Cocker Spaniel behavior issues.

Cocker Spaniels are a sensitive breed. They are very in touch with our feelings, which is part of why they are such loving, loyal companions. However, they are also easily upset and can be affected by a number of changes including:
* A new pet being introduced into the home
* Emotional issues with family members
* Moving to a new home
* Travel
* Staying at a kennel
* Having a dog sitter for an extended period of time
* The birth of a baby or new family member or roommate moving in
* Hormonal changes (due to delay of spay or neutering)

I personally really like Cesar Millan, also known as The Dog Whisperer. Has anyone else found his advice to be helpful?
Dog behavior issues? Cesar Millan can help!

Please leave your thoughts and advice in the comments section of this blog.

Thanks in advance! Advice you share can help our friends who love their Cocker Spaniels but who are running into behavioral problems.


  1. definately get into a handling class. Your local kenenl club may offer an inexpensive opportunity. The classes are important for three reasons. First, as you learn more, you will do a better job. Second, your dog will learn the correct responses to your commands (it is not always easy to understand this, until someone else watches your dog preform and can correct the flaws that you cannot see from your vantage point.) Third, and by far, the most important benefit is that your dog will be exposed to other dogs and people in a controlled environment. This is called socializing , and leads to the kind of well behaved dog you can be proud of, and can take out in public without any fear or trepedation. As a parent and a dog owner, I would suggest that obedience training is an essential part of dog ownership. Get your parents involved, too. They may develop a greater appreciation of your dog and its role in your family. Good Luck!

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