Holidays with Pets

Happy Holidays, Friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! If you’re traveling, I hope your Cocker Spaniel handles the trip or the separation okay. I wish you road trips with no pets barfing or howling in the back seat, and I wish you pet sitters who reliably feed, exercise and play with your sweetie. I hope those of you who are hosting for the holidays that your Cocker Spaniel handles the visitors well and stays out of the gifts until AFTER they’ve been unwrapped. I wish you memorable moments with those you love most.

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It’s been a fun year over on Facebook, hasn’t it? We’ve shared photos, stories and advice. We’ve grown to be a supportive, positive group that celebrates our pups together and helps each other take care of our pets the best we can. And now we even have our own website, complete with a discussion forum that we might someday figure out how to use (LOL!)

I’m thankful for all of you I’ve met on the Facebook page. Your comments, pictures and unique perspective have made me laugh, cry and grow as a pet owner. Thank you. Let’s have a fun new year together, sharing and inspiring each other every day!

With much gratitude,


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