Treating Our Dogs With the Love They Deserve

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the type where you get home and you think, “Thank God I don’t have to do this day over again”?

Those are the days when I appreciate my furry friends the most.

Because my husband is great, he really is, but he always has stuff of his own to deal with, like all other hard-working adults do. And my kids are great, but they’re teenagers with needs and wants and demands of their own.

Sometimes it’s my furry babies who give the most love back to me. And for this, I am ever-so-grateful. Especially on those rough days, when you just need to cuddle up with your sweet pup and watch TV or read a book and love and be loved.

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The amazing thing is this: our Cocker Spaniels need our love as much as we need their love. It’s what is termed a symbiotic relationship. As we pet our sweeties, we meet their needs and they meet ours.

Did you know that studies say that pet owners are healthier, have lower blood pressure and live longer than non-pet owners? Our pups help us every time they convince us to go for a walk or to throw the ball in the back yard (exercise!) or to snuggle up for a cuddle-fest.

Let’s thank our pups tonight. Please feel free to share your favorite Cocker Spaniel stories here in the comments. We’ll all appreciate the inspiration.

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