Treasured Moment – A Poem

The work day is done.

The list of things accomplished


From making coffee to serving dinner and cleaning up

Scouring the stuck bits of of a meal from a pan and washing counters

Perhaps mending something broken,

Or breaking something that will later need mending

And deciding

That today

Enough has been done, and this will have to wait



Because right now, before the sun sets, I must

Sit on my front porch

Flanked by my faithful furry companion

And read

The paper

A book

Something online

And listen to the sounds of evening settling



Into the routine patterns we all share

Living this life, together, yet apart

And there, at my side, I see him

He sees me, too, and noticing, thumps his tail

And perhaps emits a low whine



(Or maybe not so patiently)

For a hand

A stroke

A tender scratching behind the ears

Better yet

For me to get up off my porch and call out

That magical word


But even if we don’t go tonight

He will be satisfied

With my touch, the connection of our eyes

Because we are

More than anything else

Best friends.


~ Savannah Summers